Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm going to be a pirate in an illegal lesbian wedding

Aye, ya read it right!

It's coming up soon... May 2010.

My life-long friend is going to marry her partner in Phoenix, Arizona. Same sex marriages are not legal in Arizona, so it's a big party with lots of family and friends and no official officiant who has "the power vested in him or her."

The brides have decided to have a pirate theme wedding.





I wish I were more excited, but I'm not. Same-sex marriage should be legal, and if someone does not approve of them, then in my belief = he or she should not GET one. My lackluster attitude does not reflect my attitude toward the bride and groom both being brides - no. I'm not excited because I still don't have my costume. The stress of knowing I NEED a pirate costume is too much for me to handle right now.

It would be so much easier to go into the local David's Bridal and pick up the appropriate color and style bridesmaid's dress, chosen for me whether I liked it or not, and which I would happily and obediently wear while standing up as my best friend's maid of honor.

But nay... I'm not t' be a maid 't all... rather a first mate, ya land lubbers!


And the other thing... the fact that this will be a wedding... and I HAD a wedding, a beautiful and rather traditional wedding - especially considering I am a female and I married a male, and we wore traditional wedding attire - no theme. The vow "til death do us part" is on my mind.

This is not the first wedding in the last 15 months... my brother-in-law got married. But he said his nuptials on a cruise ship, and I wasn't there. I went to his reception one week later and drank way too much on purpose.

(My brother-in-law is a jerk.)

I just need to get something to wear. The sooner I have my costume, the sooner I can imagine myself actually being there for my friend instead of worrying about my short "to do" list that feels too long for me to accomplish.

Maybe focusing on clothing is a distraction. I can't tell whether or not I am emotionally ready to stand close to my friend while she is making marriage vows (even if they are in pirate language.)


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  1. The wedding was LOVELY. There was some stress and cost involved in getting my costume together, but I managed in the customary last-minute "good performance under pressure" way I have managed to accomplish most anything I ever commit to. Hurray for deadlines.

    The ceremony was fun and memorable, it went off SO WELL... and I was honored to be a part of it. Because it was so different from a my wedding, I did not feel the tugging at my heart that I might have in a more traditional wedding.